Let’s keep this simple and to the point.

I’m 31 years old and studied photography in Scotland. I worked as a professional photographer for 4 years, mostly in Zimbabwe (Where I am originally from) and a little bit in Australia. The last 7 years have seen me living in 4 different countries, Scotland, Zimbabwe, Australia and now the Netherlands.

I changed careers in 2015 in to the world of I.T. Getting started as an interaction designer at a digital agency in Amsterdam. I progressed rapidly in to user experience and eventually in to product management.

I am obsessed with the potential that machine learning can bring. It will certainly gain further popularity, I believe we are only at the beginning of this snowball. By learning Programming (Python) and Machine learning I not only plan to use it myself in side projects but to further my chances in career progression by eventually leading towards a more data scient role.

This blog is mainly to document the process of how a newbie with very little coding knowledge and only basic math can learn enough of the fundamentals to possibly get a job in the industry of Data Science or at least have enough knowledge to procude high quality and useful predictions that have business benefit.