Hello world!

Last week I left my job to pursue a journey of financial freedom by shipping products for a year and developing myself further as an entrepreneur. This journey will be as transparent as possible in the hopes that others that follow can learn from the many mistakes I will no doubt make but also hopefully some of the good decisions too! 🙂

Who am I?

I am Colin Winhall, 32 years old, born in Zimbabwe and raised around the world, including Zimbabwe (of course), South Africa, UK, Australia and the Netherlands, where I currently live, although I am writing this with my feet in the sand in sunny Bali at a beautiful co-working space called Genius Café in Sanur, where I will be for the coming month! 🙂

I studied photography and pursued that career for 3 years professionally before deciding to move in to my other passion full-time; I.T. Over the last 4 years I have held many titles including; Interaction designer, UX designer, Marketeer, Product Owner and Product Manager. These roles and the experience they brought have been invaluable to lead me up to this point where I have the choice to try my own hand at starting a business! A dream come true as since I was really young I always thought of myself as an entrepreneur. Always coming up with ideas for products or services but never having the time, money, motivation or determination to make them happen.

Why am I doing it?

As mentioned previously, I have always wanted to chase my dream of being an entrepreneur. Over the last few years I have had several ideas for products or services and never pursued them, only to see other companies eventually tackle the same problem and becoming successful from it. Although I realise of course that ideas are dime a dozen and it’s the execution that truly matters, I now have the time and finances to tackle that execution fully.

What am i going to do?

I have set myself some ambitious goals for the coming year. Each of the projects listed below has its own page that can be found in the projects section.

  • Ship at least 3 products or services but aim for 5!
  • Revenue goal of €3000 a month (by May 1st 2019)
  • Get fit & healthy
  • Learn a programming language (Python)
  • Learn machine learning
  • Become a social influencer in ideation / entrepreneurship with at least a 50k following (Twitter)

How am I going to do it?

As I said earlier, I plan to be as transparent as possible, without of course jeopardising any business I start. In light of that I will start be explaining the finances behind this venture.

Before leaving my job I had taken out a 5 year loan from the bank to the value of €30,000. This money is to be used solely for the purpose of this journey. A very basic outline of how this money will be spent can be seen below;

€10,000 for development
€15,000 for living expenses (rent, food, etc)
€5,000 for unforeseen costs (backup)

As I learn to code myself I will be outsourcing development work. I have already begun building a working relationship with a development agency that I found through Upwork. The company is Group BWT based in Ukraine. After talking with members of the team I was convinced this was the right choice not only in terms of cost but also in terms of communication and work output. I thoroughly recommend them.

What else?

I have set up this website in a way that the blog will be the main focus, with separate pages for the current projects I am working on and another page for the resources I am using or have come across in my journey that I felt were worth noting.

What’s next?

I will be talking about the first project that I have already begun on. A cryptocurrency calendar tool for upcoming news and events, that will help traders maximise profits by planning ahead.

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