How to stay committed as a first time Entreprenuer

The saying goes that taking the first step is always the hardest. This has certainly held true for the last 5 years or so but today marks the change for me! I have officially started on 2 separate projects and I can already feel the commitment that I never had before to getting out there and doing my own thing! The hardest part is over! (Or so they say).

Commitment or persistence is by far the hardest step. The idea of leaving your full-time job that pays the bills and lets you lead a ‘normal’ life is daunting. There is always a reason not to do it and listed below are some of the most common statements I have come across that always held me back.

If you find yourself coming across these obstacles, don’t be put off! Continue on your journey, nothing will motivate you more than pursuing your dream!

Stay at your job and work on the projects in your spare time

This option never worked out for me. I’m more of an all-in type of person and unless I dive head first in to something fully, I tend to be a bit slack in the execution and my motivation dwindles over the course of a week or two, maybe a month. No succesful business was built in a couple of weeks!

It’s easy to just rest on your laurels when you have a fallback plan (your job). Leaving your comfort zone is tough but it’s also very motivating! The sense of time to get what you need done suddenly seems achievable and it is a remarkable feeling!

You need money to make money

Although I still believe this to be mostly true, the cost of starting something on your own has reduced dramatically over the years as well as the accessibility of all the tools and expertise you need in order to do it well.

This was often a sentence I would tell myself or tell my friends as an excuse of why I am not out there, doing my own thing.

I got past this obstacle by taking a 5 year loan from my bank. Although this might be an option for you, I would encourage you to try to find the money in other ways. Ask friends or famaily, you might be surprised how much you would be able to raise and if your friends and family know, trust and most importantly believe in you, they will be more than happy to help!

How much money is enough though? This is not really something I can tell you without knowing your circumstances and what you need the money for or what your living costs are etc etc.

I decided to continue living in Amsterdam to pursue this journey, even though the cost of living may be higher, I have developed strong personal and professional relationships here that outweigh and justify that cost of living.

“Get more experience under your belt before you attempt to go out on your own”

This one I personally hated hearing the most. Partly because I always felt there is a truth to that statement but my stubbornness refused to accept it. Although experience will help tremendously to fast track your entrepreneurial journey, there is always going to be things you won’t know and there is no better way to learn something than doing it yourself, for yourself.

You will gain experience by the truck load if you jump in to something head first with a willingness to learn while embracing the fact that you don’t know everything.

I believe in the 80/20 rule, that it takes 20% of the time to get 80% of the knowledge of a certain subject. That last 20% to be an ‘expert’ in something is what takes the other 80% of your time. More often than not, you will never need that last 20 percent of knowledge to get the job done right! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that being an expert is a bad thing, or to down-play those that do learn something fully, those kinds of people excel at their jobs and careers.

What I am saying though is that you don’t need to be an expert to get the job done well.


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