Launching on ProductHunt

For those of you that might not already know about Product Hunt, it is probably the best form of marketing a new startup can get if done right. The content (startups/products/services) that are submitted to the platform, are upvoted by the community. This of course, like everything else, can be manipulated, but it is often not the case and genuinely the best content reaches the top spots for each day.

Unfortunately, that was not the case for meΒ πŸ˜„

I launched Haystack News on the site 4 days ago but I 100% rushed it and therefore did not get the results I wanted. The post is currently sitting at 24 upvotes and 0 comments (πŸ™).

At the time of writing, it brought in 133 visitors to the site, which of course is better than 0 but underwhelming compared to the great success stories out there of other Product Hunt launches.

What to do for the next launch

Once I have made further progress on the site, such as adding crowd sourced events. I will resubmit to Product Hunt and take my time with the launch and execute it more according to a real plan!


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