Product Hunt’s product of the day!

Something amazing happened over the weekend! I launched Problem of the day on Product Hunt, and got voted the Product of the day!

After my miserable attempt last time at launching Haystack News on Product Hunt, I didn’t want a repeat. So I did some more research and planned the launch ahead of time. I first listed the product on Ship (the upcoming products pages) and got 30 subscribers from that page. I then used the schedule launch feature to plan a launch (5 days ahead) at 00.01AM on Sunday morning.

Fast forward to Sunday morning and I woke up much later than I should have, 30 minutes after the product has already been listed on the site. My competition already had 5x the votes I did. I jumped into action immediately and;

  • Posted the link to my Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn profiles asking for support for my project.
  • Asked for help from some influencers to retweet. (Thanks 5 ideas a day! šŸ™Œ).
  • Sent out a message to my 30 subscribers on Ship.

I monitored all channels and responded where ever I could to any questions or comments.

The magic started to happen, I was rising slowly.

After really wearing thin my F5 key, constantly refreshing the page to see if I had more upvotes, I decided to take more of a back seat approach. I felt I had put it out as much as I could at this point and if I wasn’t getting the upvotes, it was becauseĀ no one liked the service.

After an hour or 2, something started to really happen, my phone was going a bit crazy. I was getting dozens of Twitter follower notifications, several emails were coming through from my WordPress site telling me to go approve some comments! I went back to my desk and checked PH, I was at the top!

I couldn’t quite believe it at first. It was truly unexpected! I immediately went to go check my analytics like the stat-whore that I am. I hadn’t seen traffic like this before so it was very exciting. I’m sure these figures are unimpressive for many, but for me, they were extraordinary! It peaked at 61 online at the same time!

The Stats

  • Sunday – 2,771 new users
  • Monday –Ā 3,483 new users
  • Tuesday – 2,103 new users

Overall, I don’t think I could have asked for a better outcome. Not only was the traffic coming through, but they were participating in the community I’ve been trying to build.

  • 17 problems submitted by users
  • 230 Twitter followers
  • 158 Newsletter subscribers

I have also received some great feedback from users on how to improve the blog which I am now working towards doing!


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