Project 2: Problem of the day

As someone who is obsessed with ideas 💡 and inventions you realise quickly that the best ideas nearly always stem from a real problem 😥. Especially ideas that are turned in to successful businesses 💰💰💰.

Looking at a single problem can help generate dozens of ideas or solutions to that problem. Therefore, I believe that in order to ideate successfully you should start by looking at problems.

The point of this project is to list one problem a day, sourced directly from a user on Twitter. No matter how big or small these problems may seem, they can inevitably lead to larger ideas in their respective solutions.

Although I will only be posting the problems themselves, I will occasionally also try to actively participate in solving some of the problems.

The project consists of 3 parts.
  1. The website 💻, will feature the exact same template as used on this website (saving costs already! 🙂 ). Each day a new tweet, by a real user, will be posted to the timeline. These tweets can be interacted with directly, allowing visitors to view the tweet on twitter, reply, retweet or like that tweet. Furthermore, the ability to comment on the post itself is possible by either using the default WordPress commenting system or by commenting via your facebook profile.
  2. Twitter account🐦@problem_otd, will be used as the marketing grounds for the website and as the direct communication channel to users. It’s main focus will be to notify users of their tweets being posted to the website. However, I will also tweet blog posts from the website, along with retweeting relevant material found on my twitter feed or on the web. Needless to say I will also actively participate in as many conversations as I can.
  3. Sourcing problems😭The last part of the project is how to reliably source problems in order to maintain a steady stream to post. This is paramount to the success of the project, as without this reliability, the wheels could fall off rapidly as motivation could easily decrease.I decided to approach this in a programmatic way. People tend to use specific sentence structure and wording when conveying a problem they are facing. I call these “trigger sentences”. An example of a trigger sentence could be;

    I wish someone would invent

This sentence demonstrates a need or want, the word “invent” implies there is no solution already available for this.

Project goals

My hope is that by posting one problem a day, I will be able to build a community of problem solvers and ideators and indirectly help launch businesses that solve these problems! It will also give me the opportunity to work on my own ideation skills.

A larger goal is to start the collection of a problems data set that I can use in a further project where I plan to try to automate the ideation process using deep learning. 🤔🤫

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