Batman Dev

Batman Dev is a development agency that focuses entirely on a niche problem in startups

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I have worked as a Product Manager / Product Owner in startups for the last 4 years in Amsterdam. Within the 5 different startups I have found myself a part of, there has been one single constant battle between the Business team and the Tech team. The problem is that the business team wants to keep delivering new features and meeting constant deadlines to hit their targets.┬áBut the development process is slowing you down. Your capacity to deliver on new features is constantly pushed back due to bug fixing, or those small but necessary changes or some minor tweak that takes 3 days instead of 1 to deliver on. That’s 2 extra days that aren’t able to work on that new amazing feature that you know your customers and investors will love. That’s a hard pill to swallow.

Hiring an extra developer in-house isn’t an option because of the burn rate it brings. Hiring a freelancer could be a possibility but it’s hard to find one that is willing to take on part time role and ends up only working on bug fixes and copy changes.