Is a service that works out the most time consuming (for the payee) method to legally pay a bill.

Have you ever had to pay a bill that you really didn’t want to? Don’t you wish you could have paid it in a way that hurt the person you were paying? I’m spiteful enough to want to do this! 😈😈😈

Payn is a way to enable anyone to pay a bill in spite. Coins are legal tender in every country, with accordance to their specific laws, you are able to pay bills or debts in coins. some countries have zero restrictions whilst some have few, but all I have come across, allow this in some way or form.

Knowing the size and weight of coins, we can accurately determine the shipping costs involved and using some basic math we can determine what combination of coins, all mixed together, would make for the longest sorting time to count manually or automatically. It’s evil yes, but it is the lesser of most evils that it would be used against!