Trying to get traction…

Traction is about getting users to actively use your product or service. This is one of, if not the most, important factor for a startup to succeed. 💰

With Haystack News now in a public beta and live, I need to start getting users to use the service.

My initial thoughts for getting those users was through visiting and posting on social and community websites and forums. Places such as reddit, bitcointalk, producthunt etc. Although this is still a viable tactic to get traction, so far I have not had the success I was expecting from these sources.

For some reason, my reddit topics seem to not be visible to the general public, at first I thought it was due to my reddit account possibly being shadow banned but I have ruled that out as a cause and can only conclude that somehow the reddit algorithm is picking up my threads as possible spam. I am still working on a way around this.

In the mean time I have been searching for crypto communities to get involved in to ask for feedback about the tool and how useful it is to crypto traders and enthusiasts. I found several slack channels that I joined and got some small feedback from and was able to push some users to the site, however, I do not think any of them are return visitors 🙁

Another source of traffic I have been trying for is from bitcointalk forum but this has been the least successful of all of them. This forum is so polluted with spam bots and fake accounts that it is a total mess of noise. I have ruled this forum out entirely as a useful source of traffic for now and will seek out other forums to join.

All in all, so far, not so good! Time for some new tactics…

Make use of my network to find interested parties in the core of Haystack News, outside of cryptocurrency and see if I can get faster traction in another market. A proven market for a tool such as this is within Media & Publishing for editorial planning. Another industry this tool could pivot towards rapidly is the Stock Market.

I am working on some basic landing pages for these, being made rapidly with a great service called Carrd. Check the two landing pages I have made this morning.

Landing page for Media & Publishing

Landing page for All Markets

If you have any ideas for how I could gain traction on this project. I am open to all suggestions, please leave your comment below! 😄


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